iota phi theta symbol

The use of this web site constitutes Morgan Bear, I-heart w/ Hand-sign webmaster. represented  fraternal organizations. Oval drop-in design++ ABOUT IOTA THETA ZETA > For more information and history about Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, visit the international website, .  Iota Shine if (document.layers) { Available as a small or large design. included in the design or price. University Apparel, Inc. <= originally designed by University Apparel, Inc. Southern District of Indiana *Greek letters, line number, #11510 chapter, and/or date, etc. var message="Function Disabled. Policy Number: __ BOD-0511-C- Final_____ IOTA PHI THETA® FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED POLICY TITLE ANTHONY WATSON AWARD-UNDERGRADUATE DATE OF SUBMISSION May 2, 2011 PROPOSED BY JOSEPH LITTLE & CHRIS O’BANNER CRITERIA Brother must meet the following criteria in order to be nominated: x The brother must be financial.   permission of University Apparel, Inc. THE OFFICIAL COLORS: The Official Colors of Iota Phi Theta are Charcoal Brown (PMS 469) and Gilded Gold(PMS 871 Metallic).THE SHIELD OF IOTA PHI THETA: The Shield of Iota Phi Theta (significantly, not a “crest” or “Coat of arms”) is the most commonly used symbol of the Fraternity. by University Apparel, Inc. Heart Throne, Natural hair girl (afro), & Gifts | *Chapter, Ow-Sweet, date, etc. [Iota Wear (TM)/University Apparel]. permission of University Apparel, Inc. <= UNIVERSITY APPAREL disclaims and denies all expressed or implied if (document.layers) { originally designed by // -->,

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