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Every time people open their phone they are reminded of you and your brand. #creativeentrepreneur #lovelysquares #contentcreators #creativity #creativebusiness #creativecommunity #bloggercommunity #lovelylittlesquares #glitterguide #myeverydaymagic #choosejoy #inspiremyinstagram #creativepreneur #theinstagramlab #girlbosses #smallbusiness #bossbabetribe #instagramtips #insta180 #instabossmob #risingtidesociety #createcultivate #creativeatheart #instagramadvantage #communityovercompetition #womensupportingwomen #funquotes #quotes, A post shared by Your Instagram Feed Planner ( on Jan 27, 2019 at 3:29pm PST. It will be interesting to see what you’ve noticed too. Use Instagram Stories to promote your portfolio. Instagram rolled out Instagram story ads in early 2017, which have proven to be highly effective for brands. Their brand color is recognizable from miles away. It’s not an accident that this idea landed first. Furthermore, the platform evolved to support its growing business accounts. There will always be people who dislike you no matter what you do. It tells them the person you’re talking with is your friend, not just a random account you used to follow back in 2016. Instagram’s newest feature, the Nametag, has taken off and is set to be one of the biggest Instagram trends of 2019. The great thing with Stories is that they don’t have to look amazing. If you haven’t started building a presence on other channels, then you’re missing out. People who agree with you will respect you even more for stating your views. Location. This way people can click on your username and be redirected to your profile. People are loving posting natural photos: Even though the photos look “natural”, people’s overall Instagram feed still looks cohesive and put together. @kylieskin is known for their pink Instagram theme: @saltyluxe is known for her tropical edits: @kyliekatich is known for her moody edits: @theskinnyconfidential is known for her pink obsession: @thecontentplanner is known for their yellow and blue Content Planners. So make your review interesting, high quality and honest. Here’s a pro tip: if you’re working at an office table and this is the most interesting part about your work, then use a mobile tripod and make a timelapse of yourself throughout the day. Using this hashtag can definitely get his attention and moreover you’ll be able to win a Kubby cup. It’s a great way to build meaningful relationships with people you like and who share similar content with you. Here is what I created using my Preview app: Click here to see how to doodle on your Instagram photos. You can get very creative and bring people on a journey, slide-by-slide. Carousels allow you to share more information in one single post. ), Natural feed + Natural photos (+ branded feed for brands/businesses). “So what should I post to Stories?” you might be asking. Getting new things shipped to you is exciting, is it not? Here’s a tool you can use to track you Instagram stories. They’ve become the top place for people to … We’re seeing a trend of people posting more about what they love, what they really think about a subject, writing like they speak, staying true to their passion and beliefs, and building a deeper relationship with their followers. You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post and 10 hashtags in a story. This will make it more prominent and increases the swipe rate. Stories can be raw and human. PS. 2019 was definitely the year of the Instagram caption, as creators and brands tapped into the power of the written word to engage and connect with their followers. They check out people’s posts for that challenge. For example #bloguettes (36.7k posts) is a hashtag used to gather women bloggers: Because people from a very specific community use them. Instagram is becoming ‘pay to play’ At first, access to 800 million users might sound like a marketer’s dream. TikTok is invading Instagram Stories and feeds. Last, but not least you should also keep an eye on your metrics. If you simply don’t feel like putting something cool together, it’s perfectly okay to say that. Combine that with relevant hashtags and you’ll be scooping in two times more views to your Stories. The Twitter quote got 2,650 likes. Also, you don’t need to go crazy with the editing. Instagram can be a good place for showcasing your work. Besides getting featured among trending posts, trending on Instagram would also mean that your brand is currently getting lots of attention on the platform. Exits, or ‘swipes away’ as Instagram itself calls the metric, tell you whether users watched your story to completion or if they exited before the story ended. To quote our community, who said it so well: “Your photos catch our attention. He always writes his captions like he is talking to his friends. TIPS + TOOLS. Instagram Marketing Trends #4: Your Brand Voice is More Important Than Ever According to our research, caption length on Instagram has doubled since 2016! What were you doing/thinking/dreaming of 10 year ago, versus where you are at now? Anything you can think of, like a reminder to “Breathe in” and “Breathe out” or going on a rollercoaster ride. Also, there are a lot of different free apps you can use for simple video editing on your phone. These Instagram hashtags are the most productive tool to boost the engagement, likes, followers, and reach of a profile. Join challenges whenever possible. Educating your followers increases engagement, there’s no doubt about it. If you’re not quite there yet, I suggest checking out my guide “how to get more followers on Instagram” from HopperHQ blog. It requires certain skills (your time) or money to outsource it. Alternatively you can use the swipe up feature that links to a Dropbox or Google Drive link where you have uploaded the wallpaper(s). Hi there, we use cookies to give you the best experience on our website and to help us improve our service. Hey, look! These Instagram trends for 2019 will allow you to create more personal connections with your following. Best Instagram Story Ideas & Trends 2019. by Lokesh Kapoor 1.9k Views. 50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand after seeing an ad for it on Instagram. A reminder to look at “numbers” differently ✨ Have an awesome new week! To become a opinion leader you need to develop an opinion on things. While Instagram posts require the perfect lighting, angles and hashtags, a good Story just requires a quick idea or an interesting moment, and some creativity. Where was your business 10 years ago? Therefore, if you’re not making Stories on Instagram, you’re missing out. For some people, “likes” are only a vanity metrics that stop them from posting because “what if no one likes it…?”. 1. Let us know in the comments if you’ve noticed any other trends. Your whole feed will look natural and cohesive at the same time. Twitter quotes are one of the most popular text posts on Instagram at the moment.I have no doubt this trend will continue in 2020. The Instagram Story filters have no doubt influenced how we wear and apply makeup. When a new month arrives, you can simply go through your notes and shoot several clips of your favourite things last month. The main difference here is that tips and tricks are presented in super short format. Type above and press Enter to search. Instead of focusing on increasing a “number”, people are now focusing more on growing meaningful relationships, or posting what makes the most impact for their communities or their business. People are now using their Instagram content, more than once, in different places. @garyvee does an awesome job posting wallpapers. As of late 2017, you can do a split screen live with someone who’s watching. I would use both video and photo posts. Is it okay to show a little? On the other hand, this depends on your niche a little bit as well. Photos that don’t look overly edited (it’s the new “not-edited” edited trend), Photos that are not too “staged” but more taken “in the moment”, My personal favorites: Filter P3 in the “Blogger” filter pack and S4 in the “Cream” filter pack. The photo got 1,085 likes. Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to say it out loud. This trend brings Instagrammers together, makes Instagram a more social place for creators and their followers. Instagram story provides you with many ideas to implement. . Nobody likes a showoff. In 2020, vertical video has been embraced by Instagram – and it is one of the Instagram trends you should be aware of. (Full disclosure: some of the links on this website are affiliate links. Don’t stress if you only have like 10 – 20 viewers in the beginning. With Stories, Live, and IGTV gaining in popularity, vertical videos are in fashion, not just on Instagram but also on YouTube. If you’re a designer or a photographer, think about Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. Creators can now make money directly on Instagram. Increasing your engagement rate is one thing, but you should also be genuinely interested in having real relationships with your followers and customers. If you haven’t yet tried, then hosting a live together with somebody else in your niche, might be a good start. The best part about this is the benefit it brings, establishing deeper and more genuine connections with audiences. A while back we got the option to do polls. 10 Instagram Design Trends for 2021: Gritty Gradients; Real World References; In-feed Color Blocking; Moodboard Collages; Designed Quotes; Retro Cool; Elegant Serif Fonts; Digital Stickers; Animated Elements; Warped & Wavy Text; Trend #1: Gritty Gradients There’s no mistaking it: color gradients are one of the biggest Instagram design trends right now. Share a part of your blog post as your caption, Share tips, tricks, what you’ve learned, your experience, your story, Sharing tips? If you lack the time and people are sending in their testimonials without asking, then doing simple screenshots is the easiest to start with. . They just need to convey the message and have a strong call to action. is bringing new opportunities to the world of Instagram trends. If you’re in between with most things and being “politically correct” all the time then you might become boring over time. Getting into top lives is rewarding. You can use Adobe Spark, Canva, Design Wizard or Easil to create awesome graphics for your account and also design quotes for Stories. People are loving posting natural photos: Photos that don’t look overly edited (it’s the new “not-edited” edited trend) Photos that are not too “staged” but more taken “in the moment”. ⠀⠀ #ipreview #previewapp . Don’t forget to add music before you upload. Now, Instagram is trying to serve content based on what you’d like to see. For example, if people missed your Instagram Story, they can still see it in your feed. Therefore, ask people to send you a message. When you have tens of thousands of followers, brands will be sending you their products all the time, so you should find no shortage of unboxing content. Maybe it’s something for your work? So don’t try to be someone you’re not. Location. 9 of the most important Instagram trends in 2020. Interactive content is huge right now for brands on many channels, not only trending on Instagram, but the platform does make it incredibly easy for you to jump on the bandwagon. Seriously. It’s “take your followers to work day”. In turn, these 3 accounts will jump on the train. Just write. Ideas: As you can see at the bottom of the caption,, @laurenastondesigns and @breedesigns_ are tagged. When you post a wallpaper, remember people will be making screenshots of it, so don’t write anything extra on it. Usually little to none video/photo editing is involved. Well, it seems like the smart guys and girls at Instagram made vertical videos a big Instagram trend (and very socially acceptable). So make sure you shoot a lot of content before you start working on something so you’d have the “before” material once you’re editing it all together.

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